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Australian Breastfeeding Association Booklet

An Introduction To Breastfeeding
Informative guide to the establishment and management of breastfeeding. What a new mother needs to know about breastfeeding in the early days. How milk is made, attachment, going home with the baby and much more.

Breast And Nipple Care
An excellent guide to the management of breast and nipple problems that can affect your breasts and nipples during lactation. Information is included on engorgement, thrush, mastitis, cracked and sore nipples. Suggestions given are easy to follow.

Breastfeeding After A Caesarean Birth
Practical suggestions and encouragement to a mother in this special situation.

Breastfeeding And Hospitalisation
Hints on the management of breastfeeding when mother, baby or another child is hospitalised.
Breastfeeding Babies With Clefts of Lip/Palate
Helpful information and accounts of mothers' experiences of managing in this special situation.

Breastfeeding Triplets, Quads or More
In this booklet parents of triplets and other higher order multiples have shared their experiences to let you know what to expect, sharing practical tips and to generally reassure you.

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy And Beyond
Another pregnancy can be a special time, yet you may feel apprehensive if you are still breastfeeding your baby or toddler. This booklet answers questions and offers ideas from mothers who have continued breastfeeding through pregnancy and beyond.

Breastfeeding Twins
Contains many practical hints from experienced mothers of twins. Just what you need to know about breastfeeding with the challenge of two babies..

Breastfeeding Your Baby with Down Syndrome
Encouraging words and practical ideas from research and from mothers' experiences in breastfeeding babies with Down Syndrome.

Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby
A helpful, encouraging booklet, which tells how to maintain your milk supply until baby, comes home. Plus other great suggestions for managing at this special time.

Breastfeeding, Women And Work
Practical suggestions and ideas to assist mothers continue to breastfeed after returning to the paid workforce, study or any other pursuits involving long periods separating you and your baby.

Coping With Breast Refusal
An understanding guide with suggestions about why your baby is refusing and practical ideas about how to encourage your baby back to the breast.

Especially For Grandparents
Written to show how beliefs about feeding babies have changed over the generations and how friends and relations can help the new mother enjoy her baby and breastfeed successfully.

Expressing And Storing Breastmilk
An excellent guide to all aspects of expressing and storing breastmilk, including information about breast pumps, disinfecting equipment, thawing and warming expressed breastmilk and storage times and procedures.

Gastro -oesophageal Reflux and the Breastfed Baby
Breastfeeding is as beneficial for the baby with reflux as for all other babies. This booklet has been written to: support those with a medical diagnosis of gastro-oesophageal reflux; help understand what gastro-oesophageal reflux is; give ideas and suggestions to help you cope with reflux in a breastfeed baby; provide lots of survival tips from mothers. A concise, practical and reassuring guide to living with a reflux baby.

Increasing Your Supply
Practical hints for building up your milk supply, how to tell if it is low and the reasons why it may be low.

Introducing solids
A sensible approach to starting your breastfed baby on solids and foods eaten by the rest of the family.

Keeping Baby Cool
Ideas for the care of the breastfed baby in hot weather.

Looking After Yourself
Ideas to help you feel fit and relaxed during the busy childrearing years so that your enjoyment of life can be increased to the benefit of all the family. Includes information on diet, exercise and relaxation.

Postnatal Depression and Breastfeeding
Produced jointly by the Post and Antenatal Depression Association (PANDA) and the Australian Breastfeeding Association, this booklet discusses the causes, symptoms, impact and treatment of postnatal depression and its effect on breastfeeding. It contains information on coping with postnatal depression while breastfeeding and caring for the depressed breastfeeding mother.

Relactation And Adoptive Breastfeeding
Practical guide for a mother considering breastfeeding her adopted baby and for the mother wishing to reestablish a milk supply after a short or long interruption..

Sex And The Breastfeeding Woman
Explains some of the changes in both your life and your sex life with the arrival of a new baby and ways to manage this phase of your relationship.

Survival Plan
Streamline your tasks in the home. Practical suggestions on balancing household requirements with the care of a new baby or your children.

Too Much
Information on managing an over abundant milk supply, leaking breasts and/or a forceful let-down reflex.

Understanding Wakeful Babies
Explains babies' sleep patterns and gives practical suggestions for living with your baby's sleeping pattern. Discusses options for different family needs at this time.

A helpful guide to mother - or baby-led weaning - how to make or accept the decision to wean gently with love and understanding.

Why Is My Baby Crying?
Helpful suggestions for living with and settling a crying or colicky baby. Contains many suggestions and support for parents in this situation.

Your Toddler And The New Baby
Suggestions for preparing your child for the arrival of a new baby, plus practical ways to meet the needs of all the children in your family. Contains simple play ideas for children of different ages.

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