Tuesday, 18 November 2008

maklumat mengenai MADU

Facts about Honey

The sweet syrup made by bees from the nectar of flowers.

75 percent sugars (glucose and fructose)
25 percent water

Honey is often used as a sugar substitute on the assumption that it contains more nutrients.
While this is true, you would need to eat 11.2 kg to get the requirement of calcium, 4kg to get the requirement for iron and 0.5 kg for zinc.

Numerous studies have shown that the ingestion of honey is linked with infant botulism. (1) It is strongly recommended that honey be not given to infants under the age of twelve months. Clostridium Botulinum spores are found in soil and honey products (2) These spores can colonise in the bowel and synthesize toxin. Babies who develop botulism become very ill and often leads to respiratory failure. (2,3,4) Studies have found that some infants who died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Europe had positive test results of Clostridium Botulinum spores. (4)Honey has also been linked with Early Childhood Caries (5). The practice of honey on the baby’s pacifier is not recommended.

Honey is safe for children over the age of one year.


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nonie said...

rizza... kalau cam org tua2 calit sket madu ngan ujung jari cam tahnik kat bibir baby tu camna ek? bahaya gak ke? biasa org buat ngan benda2 manisla, kurma ke, gula sket ke... payah gak ngan org tua2 ni.. kang tak bagi kang kecik ati plak... kengkonon cam welcoming the baby dtg umah derang 1st time ke camtula...

kunci said...

Salam. Jumped from Nonie. Refer to nonie punye komen.. my in-laws asked us to do just that upon our baby;s arrival. Alamak.. mcm mana ni..

rizza said...

nonie... za tak tau le tu.. sebab biase nye org2 tua (family & sedara mara za) derang calit buah tamar & air zam zam je....

bab gula n madu ni za tak tau sgt n bagi pendapat za... gula tu kan manisan yg ade proses tambahan & madu ni za rase tak sesuai la... lebih baik calit sikit je tamar tu... sebab tu buah ....manisan asli .... (apa kata ko bawak je spare tamar masa pi melawat org2 tue ..hehhheh)

apa kata bagi tamar je.. bukan pun sebiji derang suapkan.. secalit je kan.. hehhe kalau madu/gula ni saya tak pasti & tak galakkan je....

terpulang pada masing2 n kebijaksanaan anda ye... hehe