Friday, 18 January 2008


Aku byk kali dah terjumpa word ni..tapi aku tak tau benda n tak tau mana nak carik.....rupa2 nye tu vegetable fat/shorterning tapi warna putih la..

Copha, a registered trademark of Unifoods, is a form of vegetable shortening made from hydrogenated coconut oil. It is 100% fat, 98% of which is saturated. It also contains Soya Bean Lecithin. It is popular in Australia where it is used in many foods for children, such as chocolate crackles, made from Rice Bubbles, copha, and cocoa powder.

Copha is only produced in Australia, but there are many suppliers of hydrogenated coconut oil in various forms worldwide. It is a necessary ingredient in traditional Australian treats such as Chocolate Crackles and White Christmas, and a "chocolate coating" on baked goods that amounts to a rather waxy form of compound chocolate. A dramatic decline in the price of chocolate over the decades is likely to be a significant contribution to the declining popularity of copha-based confectionary[citation needed].

In New Zealand, it is marketed as Kremelta. In the United States and Europe it is not easily available.

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