Sunday, 25 March 2007

What is Undiluted fruit juices?

What GOOD & BAD for preshoolers?

From "thedietdoctor" - child nutrition specialist Dr Rana Conway

For Preschoolers....

ON THE MENU (Good) These foods are actively encourage for preschoolers
Fruit & vegetables
Meat, fish, beans & lentils
Cereals, including wholemeal bread
Dairy produce
Water to drink

Skimmed milk - offer full fat or semi-skimmed from two to five years
Tea or coffee **
Sugar or salt
Fizzy drinks
Undiluted fruit juices

**Drinks such as tea and cofee shouldn't be given to children because they contain too much caffeine. They also reduce iron absorption, and many kids have quite low levels as it is. If you can give your child a taste for plain water instead, you'll be doing them a favour for life.



Answer from Dr Rana Conway

Rana says:
"Undiluted fruit juice is simply pure fruit juice, as you would buy it in the supermarket. It may be labelled as one hundred per cent fruit juice.

The reason why it isn't recommended for preschoolers is that because of it's high sugar content it isn't good for their teeth. Also this age group sometimes get quite a taste it and can end up drinking a lot, which can contribute to weight problems or leave them too full to eat the foods they need for healthy growth and development.

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