Monday, 22 January 2007

Foods & Kids..

8 Good Foods Young Kids Love
(Prepared byCatherine Saxelby)

  1. Fruit
    Universally liked, sweet, enjoyable, a good substitute for vegetables. Whole fruit has more fibre than juice. Nutritious and refreshing snack. Bananas are beaut for babies and in smoothies.
  2. Yoghurt
    Smooth and pleasant, yoghurt is an excellent food for children and a good dairy food for those unable to digest milk or with lactose intolerance. Acceptable to most non-Western cultures. Adds gut-friendly bacteria.
  3. Bread
    Our first convenience food - soft, chewy and satisfying. Can do a million things with the humble loaf - from toast, sandwiches, and jaffles to pudding. Quick food for kids who can’t sit still for long. (Always supervise young children while they are eating and don’t let them run while eating as the risk of choking increases).
  4. Breakfast cereals
    Convenient, nutritious, all low in fat (except for toasted types). Good for snacks, enormous variety for all dietary needs. Encourages milk consumption. Something that children can get for themselves. Encourage low-sugar varieties and sweeten with fresh fruit if desired.
  5. Lean mince
    An easy way to get kids to eat meat - the best source of bio-available iron. Can be turned into kid-friendly meals like the ever popular Spaghetti Bolognese, savoury mince, meatballs, hamburgers, meatloaf, and rissoles. Inexpensive and versatile. Freeze flat in 500g or 1kg packs so there’s always some on hand.
  6. Pasta
    Thank goodness for macaroni, spaghetti and noodles, say most parents. Great food for carbohydrates and energy, soft and easy for kids to eat, endless variations with toppings, inexpensive.
  7. Eggs
    Always in the fridge, a quick meal when there’s nothing else. Under-rated nutritionally due to cholesterol scare, yet popular with children. A great standby for busy parents.
  8. Baked beans
    Quick, handy and good to eat. One of the highest fibre foods, baked beans on toast is an excellent meal. Always have a can in the cupboard.

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